Our Mission

Joy Education helps students, families, and communities become great readers and writers while finding the joy in it.

Why We Exist

Becoming a strong reader will continue to be the top skill needed to thrive in a global society. Many students and families in our communities are first generation readers, and some are struggling readers. Because all learning is both social and emotional, it’s important to identify a community approach to reading that builds on strong relationships with families and the community. Together we can create a literacy ecosystem where every student and every adult is reading.

How We Help

Capacity Building

We help community organizations meet the reading needs of students, families and other adults connected to their programs by providing training for their employees and volunteers to be able to tutor anyone in reading.

Direct Support

We work with local universities to train college students to become site reading coaches to support students and adults connected to your organization’s programs.

Program Partnership

We partner with community organizations to bring innovative reading programming to students, families and other adults that merges reading instruction with the arts, yoga, and mindfulness.

Getting Started

Schedule a call where we will:


Learn about your organization's goals.

You’ll tell us about how we can best support you and your students.


Identify funding resources.

You’ll tell us about the level of involvement that’s right for you.


Plan for one of the three pathways above.

You’ll let us know when to meet with your student for tutoring or with you for a parent consultation.