Remote-first reading volunteering.

Help Kids in Your Community Become Better Readers Using Digital Tools.

Together, we can help kids become confident, lifelong readers

The majority of our fourth graders-two thirds- are not proficient readers.

Fourth grade reading proficiency is an important indicator of educational development. 

By the time a child reaches fourth grade, they are expected to be able to read to learn other subjects. If a child is not proficient in reading by this age, it becomes harder for them to succeed academically. Read more

Our virtual reading clinic helps students become better readers.

We train and match volunteers with students in a virtual classroom space.

We do the prep. Volunteers read with kids and help them practice fluency.

We celebrate what we want to see more of: effort, showing up, ingenuity, growth. Kids love the feedback.

Unique Approach

  • Low-Prep, High Impact

    Whether you have one hour or a few hours, every minute helping kids read counts.
  • Interactive & Fun

    Connect with kids around books you will all love and help them build confidence and find joy in reading.
  • Use Your Skills for Good

    Help kids become life long readers and learners using the skills that you use everyday!
  • Community & Support

    Connect with other volunteers in Virtual Professional Learning Communities and access self-paced modular training.

Flexible Volunteering Commitment and Training

Reading Buddy

Light Lift Support
Support students with guided fluency practice.
Commitment: 12 weeks (at least 1 hour/week)
Training: 3 hours (virtual orientation + self-paced modules)

Reading Coach

Medium Lift Support
Support students with guided decoding practice.
Commitment: 12 weeks (at least 1 hour/week)
Training: 5 hours (virtual orientation + self-paced modules)

Social Media Ambassador

Medium Lift Support
Help us find more literacy champions.
Commitment: Flexible (ongoing/event-based)
Training: 1 hours (includes virtual orientation + volunteer engagement)